G2P Payment Ecosystems (DTE 1-15 July 2019) (Download PDF)

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G2P Payment Ecosystems

  • Digitize government-to-person (G2P) payments.
  • Making electronic transfers directly into the accounts of individual customers.
  • To respond to the economic and social consequences effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 84 countries have reported changes to their social protection systems.
  • 58 countries among the 84 are scaling up cash transfer scheme.
  • Countries with advanced G2P payment ecosystems are able to push transfer rapidly.
  • In Peru the authorities are leveraging earlier successes in channelizing G2P through accounts to increase payments to the old and new beneficiaries.
  • Thailand has recently allowed to send payments through its fully interoperable Prompt Pay system.
    • Also have digital ID systems to uniquely identify the recipients
  • Modernizing G2P payments is a long-term priority of the World Bank Group.
  • G2P cash transfers can improve outcomes both for the recipients and the government.

G2P Includings

G2P Includings

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