Gandhian Ethics: (Yojana September 2020) (Download PDF)

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Gandhian Ethics

Gandhian Ethics


  • Relation b/w spiritual and material & ethical and moral – 21 years in South Africa & 32 years of campaign
  • Truth beyond all we perceive & hold to be true
  • Science is truth seeking – Experiments with Truth
  • He changed views from God is Truth to Truth is God
  • Reminded of Einstein՚s statement that imagination is greater than knowledge
  • His ideas of non-violence were considered laughable and as Midnight summer dream by many
  • Mind is a unique place which can make heaven of hell & hell of heaven
  • Satyagraha as spiritual values, self-reliance, and community organization – principle centered, room for dialogue, wipe tears from every eye, respect for all religions, casteless and classless society
  • If the man gains spiritually, whole world gains with him
  • Truth, dharma, and justice are must – poorest of poor must have a say
  • Social justice and equality of Sarvodaya Samaj – eliminate corruption
  • Gandhi՚s work Hind Swaraj was dismissed by mechanization pro people and champions of industrial domination
  • In Ashram – all children were equal; he treated his children equal to other children – shared same food and facilities; for scholarship for his son was given to another child and critics said that he neglected his own son
  • Believed in equality of men and women
  • My life is my message.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 23, 2020

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