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Geethapriya a well-known Kannada filmmaker and lyricist passed away due to throat cancer in Bengaluru, Karnataka at the age of 84 years. He was great director, and he had directed around 40 films including one Hindi.

Imaaage of Geethapriya

Imaaage of Geethapriya

Well known Kannada Filmmaker is no more

He also has written lyrics for over 250 immortal songs.

About Geethapriya

  • Geethapriya was born on 15 June 1932 as Lakshmana Rao Mohite.
  • His mother tongue was Marathi.
  • At the mid of 1960 he has started hi career in the Kannada film industry and in after some time become director.
  • He had served in film industry for about 50 years.
  • His first debut film as director was Mannina Maga in 1968 starring Raj Kumar.
  • And first song was for Sri Rama Pooja film in 1954.
  • Due to his song-writing he was famously known as Geethapriya (lover of songs).
  • Shravana Sambhrama was his last film as director in 2003.

His most memorable films are:

  • Yaava Janmada Maithri (1972)
  • Beluvalada Madilalli (1975)
  • Besuge (1976)
  • Putani Agent 123 (1979)
  • Mouna Geethe (1985) etc.

Awards and Honours:

  • Puttanna Kanagal award (1986) for lifetime achievement
  • Karnataka Rajyotsava award

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