Genetics Could Help Diagnose Type-1 Diabetes in Indians (Download PDF)

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Genetics Could Help Diagnose Type-1 Diabetes in Indians

  • Researchers have found that a genetic score is effective in diagnosing type-1 diabetes in Indians.
  • Research included researchers from
    • KEM Hospital and Research Centre, Pune
    • CSIR- Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) , Hyderabad
    • University of Exeter in UK
  • The research outcome has been published in scientific Reports.


  • Genetic Risk score considers detailed genetic information that is known to increase the chance of developing type-1 diabetes.
  • The score can be used at the time of diabetes diagnosis to help decide if someone has type-1 diabetes.
  • Bulk of the research in genetic risk score has been carried out in European population.
  • So, the question arises- will the European genetic risk score be effective in diagnosing type-1 diabetes in Indians.
  • To find out the answer, the researchers studied people with diabetes from Pune, India using the genetic risk score.
  • 262 people with type-1 diabetes, 352 people with type-2 diabetes and 334 people without diabetes were analyzed.
  • All people analyzed were of Indian (Indo-European) ancestry.
  • Although based on European data, the researchers concluded that the test is effective in diagnosing the right type of diabetes in Indians, even in its current form.
  • Researchers have also found genetic differences between the populations. It indicates that the test could be improved to enhance outcomes for Indian populations.
  • Given the genetic diversity of the Indian population, the study՚s results need to be validated in other ethnic groups of the country also.

- Published/Last Modified on: January 21, 2021

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