Ghoramara, Sunderbans Delta (Download PDF)

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Ghoramara is island of Sundarbans Delta facing issues of rising sea level, flooding, high tide and submergence. People of this island are migrating to other islands like Ganga and Sagar islands. Ghoramara Island is located near the Sagar Island and it lies in the Sundarbans delta in West Bengal. It is small in size around 5 square km and having a small population of around 3000. It is facing climate changes and global warming.

  • It is a witnessed siltation brought by river Ganga and Brahmaputra.
  • It is also facing a problem of submergence because of rising sea levels.
Ghoramara, Sunderbans Delta

Sundarbans Wetlands

  • It is a Ramsar wetland site located in West Bengal.
  • It is located in the largest mangrove forest in the world.
  • It shared by India and Bangladesh.
  • It is having Sunderbans Tiger Reserve being declared as the ‘Critically Tiger Habitat’ under Wildlife Protection Act.
  • It is rich in flora and fauna and home to rare and Globally Threatened species like Northern river terrapin which is a critically endangered. Irrawaddy dolphin which is endangered and fishing cat falls in vulnerable category.
  • It is a World՚s Heritage site and UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Sagar Island

  • Sagar Island is also known as the Ganganagar or Sagardwip.
  • It is an island of Ganga delta.
  • It is located at West Bengal, 100km to south Kolkata.
  • It is pilgrim place. Sagar Mela celebrated here, it is India՚s second biggest Mela celebrated after Kumba Mela.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 20, 2019

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