Global Climate Risk Index 2021

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The environmental think tank German watch (NGO, Bonn, Germany) has declared India among the top 10 most affected countries in the Global Climate Risk Index 2021. India ranks at seventh position among the most affected countries due to climate change in 2019.

Extreme Weather Events in 2019

Report Overview

  • Vulnerable people in developing countries suffered the most.
  • Extreme weather events include storms, floods, and heat waves.
  • Climate change impacts are visible around the globe.
  • In the year 2019, monsoon continued for a month longer than the normal in India.
  • Heavy rain caused the severe flooding in India.
    • Death of 1,800 across 14 states.
    • Displacement of 1.8 million people.
  • Out of the eight tropical cyclones that hit India, six of them were of high intensity.
  • Cyclone Fani alone affected 28 million people and killed 90 people in India and Bangladesh.
  • Around 4,75, 000 people have lost their lives.
  • The economic losses (purchasing power parity) accounts to around US $ 2.56 trillion.

The Global Climate Risk Index (CRI)

  • Published by the German watch.
  • Analyses the impact of extreme weather events.
  • Analyses the impacts of weather-related loss events.
  • German watch is a non-profit organization founded in 1991.

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