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Out of 133 countries, India is ranked fourth on a global index for its military strength, only the United States, Russia and China are ranked above India on the list. Pakistan is ranked 13th on the Global Firepower index 2017.

Image of Top 25 military powers

Image of Top 25 Military Powers

Image of Top 25 military powers

  • India maintained its position above France in the top five military powers in the world, while Pakistan made it to the top 15 countries on the list in 2017.

  • Other global powers – United Kingdom, Japan, Turkey, Germany and Egypt made the top ten list.

Key Facts About Indian Army

  • According to the index, India has 13,62,500 active military personnel trailing behind China, which has 22,60,000 active troops.

  • The Indian Army is equipped with

    • 4,426 combat tanks

    • 6,704 armoured fighting vehicles

    • 7,414 towed artillery guns.

(Chinese Army boasts of 6,457 tanks, 4,788 armoured fighting vehicles, and 6,246 towed artillery guns)

  • Indian Air Force has 2,102 aircraft slightly lesser than China’s 2,955.

  • Indian Navy has three aircraft carriers against China’s one. However, China has more submarines (68) and destroyers (35), and a total 714 naval assets.

  • When compared with Pakistan, India led the way on all aspects except the number of attack helicopters, self-propelled artillery, and waterway coverage.

Parameters of Ranking

The Global Firepower index relied on 50 parameters like

  • military resources

  • natural resources

  • logistical flexibility

  • geographical features

  • available manpower -5 % of total score

Other Aspects:

  • The list did not take nuclear stockpiles into account “but recognised/suspected nuclear powers received a bonus. “

  • Formula allows smaller, though more technologically-advanced, nations to compete with larger, lesser-developed ones. Modifiers (in the form of bonuses and penalties) are added to further refine the list.

  • Defence budget allocation with China allocating over three times the amount India set aside for its military.

  • India and China being placed higher on the index are helped to a great degree with the sizeable number of armed forces personnel with the respective countries.

  • Factors for military strength and their total weights are: number of active personnel (5 % of total score), tanks (10%), attack helicopters (15%), aircraft (20%), aircraft carriers (25%), and submarines (25%).

  • Land locked nations were not penalized for lack of navy, naval powers were penalized for lack of diversity.

  • Geographical factors, logistical flexibility, natural resources, and local industry influenced the final ranking.

  • Current political/military leadership is not taken into account.

The ranking defines military might in purely quantitative terms and does not account for the actual quality of the arms and training that the militaries may have.

Which Countries Were in Top?

Top 5 countries in the list are-

1. USA

2. Russia

3. China

4. India

5. France

What is Power Index?

  • Power Index, assessed by the Global Firepower (GFP) for 106 world countries, allows for broad comparative cross-country analysis of relative military strengths.

  • The overall score (where 0 represents the perfect value, which is actually unachievable) is calculated based on 50 indicators aggregated into 8 pillars of war-making capabilities (except nuclear potential), namely:

    • Man power

    • Land systems

    • Air power

    • Naval power

    • Resources (petroleum) as well as logistical

    • Financial

    • Geographic factors

  • Indicators used in the calculation of the resulting index are taken from the official sources if publicly available or estimated otherwise.

  • It should be noted, that Power Index, not endorsed by any governing or military organizations, is created solely for historical and entertainment purposes.

- Published/Last Modified on: June 19, 2018

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