Global Innovation Index ranked India at 81 amongst 141 countries


About Global Innovation Index: The Global Innovation Index shortly called as GII. It is a yearly publication which shows a merged indicator that ranks countries or economies for their environmental innovation and their innovation productions.

The GII analyses 143 countries around the world, using 81 indicators to measure their innovation skills and quantifiable results.

Pillars for GII include:

  • Organizations
  • Human wealth and research
  • Infrastructure
  • Market sophistication
  • Business sophistication
  • Knowledge and technology outputs
  • Creative outputs

About getting 81th rank of India:

  • India ranks 81 out of 141 countries on the Global Innovation Index 2015.
  • India is ranked behind middle income countries such as Brazil, China and South Africa.
  • In the Central and Southern Asia regions, India retains at top in the regional ranking followed by Kazakhstan and Sri Lanka.
  • Internationally, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands and the US are ranked as the most innovative countries in the world.
  • India being one of the eight economies that can be pointed as innovation achievers beating their nobles on overall score.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 18, 2015