Golden City Gate Award Has Been Won by Kerala Tourism Campaign (Download PDF)

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The prestigious ‘Golden City Gate Award’ has been won by the campaign of Kerala Tourism titled ‘New Worlds’ at the International Tourismus-Borse Berlin (ITB-Berlin) 2016. The multimedia campaign contains three short films directed by the Anwar Rasheed a well-known Malayalam filmmaker.

In 2016 Das Golden Stadttor or Golden City Gate it has also won the silver prize, which is dubbed as the Oscar of tourism communication.

Key facts:

  • The NWTO Secretary General Taleb Rifai has launched the New Worlds campaign globally at the World Travel Mart in London.

It shows the meaning of responsible tourism creativities under taken in Kerala which have led to several life-changing stories and have become the heart of it.

The film display

  • Tourists visiting local communities
  • Sharing home-made cuisine and watching
  • Engaging in cultural performances


  • It also shoes real and authentic environment and a set of true stories of transformation and preservation involving tourism and the local communities in Kerala.
  • Previously for best contribution as a global leader to sustainable tourism the Kerala Tourism had won the ‘Ulysses’ Prize of the UNWTO.

About Golden Gate Award

  • Golden Gate Award is also titled as Oscar in tourism communication.
  • For the ultimate recognition in global tourism communication at the ITB-Berlin which is the world՚s leading travel trade show it awarded annually.

- Published/Last Modified on: March 14, 2016


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