Google Launches Special Search Mode for Slower 2G Phone Network for India and Brazil


World’s largest search engine company Google Inc has launched a new lite mode of Google search engine for India and Brazil on 2G network. This lite mode of Google has been developed by keeping the 2G (2 Generation) network speed. Before launching this feature in India, Google had tested it in Indonesia, where the network speed is similar to India.

  • The New lite modes of Google search engine is four times faster than the traditional webpages loading and consume 81% less data and penetrate 50% faster connection compared to before.
  • This search engine is currently available in Android smartphones. Around 220 million people in India have access Internet through their smartphones and a majority of them still prefer 2G network due to affordable tariffs coast.
  • In 2G (second Generation) network consume a customer gets 10KB/s speed in good network conditions, while it goes down to 2-3KB/s in poor network coverage.

- Published/Last Modified on: June 23, 2015