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The Union Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare launched six new features of National Agriculture Market (e-NAM) Platform to bring more transparency and competition and provide remunerative prices to farmers.

Image of Six New User Friendly Features of e-NAM Platform

Image of Six New User Friendly Features of E-NAM Platform

Image of Six New User Friendly Features of e-NAM Platform

What Are the New Features of E-NAM?

The six new features are

  • e-NAM Mobile App:

    • Mobile app is being enhanced in multi-dimension so that the entire operation for farmers and traders can be user friendly. Mobile app has been made multilingual. The Mandi operators can carry out one of the critical operation of Gate Entry directly from e-NAM Mobile App.

    • A new feature has been introduced for farmers where they could see the progress of their lot being traded

    • Real time bidding progress of price would be visible to farmers on Mobile App.

    • During the trade, facility of viewing the assaying certificate is made available to traders on the mobile app

    • Online payment by trader (buyer) can also be done from e-NAM Mobile App through debit card and net banking. This will help buyers to transfer the payment directly through the App and make it easier for traders in online payment to farmers

    • SMS alert to farmer on receiving payment in their bank account will be sent thereby helping farmers in getting information of payment receipt.

  • BHIM payment facility:

    • Facilitation of Unified Payment Interface (UPI) through BHIM is another milestone in easing out payment to farmers.

    • It will also reduce the payment realization time from buyers’ account to the pool account and in turn disbursal to farmers.

  • New and improved Website with eLearning Module

    A new website has been developed with more informative features like

    1. Live status of markets of e-NAM based on gate entry

    2. Latest information on events

    3. Dynamic training calendar etc.

    4. e-Learning module in Hindi language incorporated in the website will teach about how to operate the system and continuously get trained on the system.

  • MIS Dashboard:

    • MIS Dashboard based on Business intelligence would provide greater insight into the performance of each Mandi in terms of arrival and trade. This would help the Mandi Board officials and APMC Secretary to compare the performance of each Mandi daily, weekly, monthly/quarterly and Year-on-Year Basis.

    • This will also enable officials and Mandi Secretary in doing actual trade analysis from commodity level to State level operation.

    • This will also be beneficial for the Mandi Board and Mandi Secretary in planning and coordinating their operation post historical analysis.

  • Grievance Redressal Management System for Mandi Secretaries:

    This system will help Mandi Secretary raise technology issues related to portal/software and its operation and also track the status of redressal of their query online.

  • Integration with Farmer Database:

  • e-NAM has been integrated with Central Farmer Database so that the registration process becomes easier and Identification of farmers can be done easily on arrival at the Mandi Gate.

  • This would increase the efficiency and reduce queue time.

  • This would also help in managing the load at the Gate more efficiently during peak time in Rabi and Kharif and reduce waiting time for farmers at the entry gate.

What is E-NAM?

  • Electronic National Agriculture Market (e-NAM) is a pan-India electronic trading portal that networks the existing APMC mandis to create a unified national market for agricultural commodities.

  • Provides a single window service for all APMC related information and services. This includes commodity arrivals & prices, buy & sell trade offers, provision to respond to trade offers, among other services.

  • Material flow (agriculture produce) continue to happen through mandis, an online market reduces transaction costs and information asymmetry.

  • One license for a trader valid across all markets in the State.

  • Single point levy of market fees, i. e. on the first wholesale purchase from the farmer.

  • Provision of soil testing laboratories in/or near the selected mandi to facilitate visiting farmers to access this facility in the mandi itself.

- Published/Last Modified on: May 22, 2018

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