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As per GoI guidelines, sterilization can be conducted at established health care facilities w/functional operation theatres. Health being state subject, this list is maintained by respective State Govt.

Image of India's Sterilization

Image of India’s Sterilization

Image of India’s Sterilization

  • Govt. has not commissioned any study on reasons for this disparity as Family Planning Programme in India is voluntary in nature & Govt. promotes all family planning choices including female sterilization equally.
  • It is prerogative of clients to choose family planning method as per their reproductive rights & Govt. provides services free of cost in all public health & accredited private/NGO facilities as per demand.

Initiatives by Indian Govt. to Promote Male Sterilization

Initiatives undertaken by Govt. to promote male sterilization in country are: -

  • ‘Vasectomy Fortnight’ is being observed in month of November every year in all States of India to raise awareness on male participation & promotion of male sterilization.

  • Training of service providers in No Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) to enhance pool of service providers.

  • Under enhanced compensation scheme for sterilization, compensation for male sterilization is substantially increased.

  • 360 degree media campaign underlining role of men in family planning is rolled out to encourage men to adopt FP methods.

Male and Female Sterialization

  • Health is state subject, & recruiting Male Health Workers is prerogative of State Govt.
  • Total Female Sterilization conducted in India in 2017 - 18 is 3,510,873 & Male Sterilization is 57,536.
Image of Contraceptive Methods In India

Image of Contraceptive Methods In India

Image of Contraceptive Methods In India

What is Sterilization?

  • Sterilization is permanent procedure to prevent pregnancy. This procedure is done by healthcare provider in controlled environment.

Methods of Sterilization

  • There are multiple methods of sterilization available to both men & women.

  • Sterilization is up to discretion of individual. Men may decide to become sterile at any point they do not want ability to impregnate woman.

  • Women may decide to become sterile at any point so long as they are not currently pregnant, in which case, they may have procedure performed at any time after child is born.

Sterilization Procedures for Men

  • The process which prevents man from impregnating woman is called a vasectomy.

  • Vasectomy is permanent birth control method for males, which is safe, quick, & relatively easy on patient. In outpatient procedure, tube that moves sperm to testicles, vas tubes, is blocked so sperm is no longer present in ejaculate fluid.

  • Men do not become instantly infertile after procedure is performed. Waiting period of 2 to 4 months & confirmation in follow-up visit to their healthcare professional will ensure he is completely sterile. This procedure is meant to be reversible. This type of sterilization is almost 100 % effective.

Sterilization Procedures for Women

  • Tubal occlusion closes off fallopian tubes. This prevents egg from moving down fallopian tube to uterus & keeps sperm from reaching egg.

  • Sterilization is highly effective way to prevent pregnancy. Fewer than 1 out of 100 women will become pregnant w/I 1 year of having procedure.

  • After 10 years, pregnancy rates range from fewer than 1 to fewer than 4 out of 100 women, depending on type of sterilization method used.

- Published/Last Modified on: October 22, 2018

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