Government of Bihar Bans Partial Liquor Across Bihar


About Partial Liquor ban: Government of Bihar announces ban on partial liquor in Bihar from 26th November which was ‘Prohibition Day’ and comes into effect from today. The state cabinet gave permission to Excise and Prohibition department’s plan to issue a notification for implementing ban in rural areas also setting a blanket ban on country made and spiced liquor.

  • The implementation of partial liquor ban will be measured by Excise and Prohibition department and other government agencies and district administration. 13.50 lakh bottles of country made liquor were destroyed at BSBCL (Bihar State Beverages Corporation Ltd) go-down in Khagaul of Patana with the help of earth-mover machine.
  • People can also dial the toll free numbers 15545 and 18003456288 issued by Excise and Prohibition department to inform about violations of liquor.
  • People can send their complaints about violations of liquor ban through ‘fax’ on 0612 - 2215843 and also can email at ‘excisecontrolroom@gmail. com’ and send SMS on 7762990523.

Effects of ban of Partial Liquor:

  • The person involving in manufacturing, transportation, sale and drinking of country-made and spiced liquor across the state will be punished for irreverent rigorous supplies by using the Bihar Excise (Amendment) Act, 2016.

Other Liquor sold in Bihar:

  • Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) will be sold in limited areas of the state like municipal corporations and councils through the outlets of Bihar State Beverages Corporation Ltd (BSBCL).
  • IMFL also allowed to be sold only in urban areas through security of 655 CCTV fitted outlets which will be run by BSBCL.

- Published/Last Modified on: April 1, 2016