Govt. Approves the Process of Constitution New Boards of Governors the IIMs as Per the IIM 2017

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Union Govt. approved process of constitution of new boards of Governors for 20 IIMs as per IIM Act 2017. Process of constitution of boards for IIMs, which are given full powers of running institutions, is major development which signals complete autonomy of quality institutions in higher education & will ensure quality expansion of higher education.

IIM Bill 2017

Key Highlights of Constitution of New Boards of Governors for IIMs

  • Approval for constitution of new boards for IIMs is given in consultation w/Union Ministry of Law & Justice.
  • Process is in accordance w/provisions of Section 10 of IIM Act 2017. IIM Act is historical step of Govt. that for 1st time provided comprehensive autonomy to higher educational institutions.
  • Govt. has decided to immediately withdraw Govt. nominees who are in excess of provisions of Act. This will pave way for complete control of institutions by reputed academicians & alumni.
  • Process of constitution of 1st boards would begin w/3 Ex-officio members, who will select Chairperson, who shall normally be current Chairperson & would be given full term under new Act (except where there are issues of ineligibility) .
  • Chairperson would then lead further process of constitution of boards as laid down under Act.
  • Board consisting of Chairperson & ex-officio members will co-opt 5 alumni from each of IIMs, who will normally be current serving members, except in cases of ineligibility.

Other Details Constitution of New Boards of Governors for IIMs

  • In 1st meeting of board, regulations for selection of 4 eminent persons & 2 faculty members would be framed & based on this; normally current serving persons would be selected for full term. This process is expected to be completed before 15th Dec. , 2018.
  • Once new boards are constituted, rules under IIM Act would be issued, which would bring out operational details more clearly.

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