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Union Ministry of Civil Aviation notified Draft Passenger Charter defining rights for air passengers for public consultation on 22nd May, 2018. Draft Passenger Charter lays down benefits that passengers will be entitled to enjoy, if airline is found to be at fault. Charter will ensure hassle-free air travel experience.

Image of Govt Releases First Draft of Passengers Charter

Image of Govt Releases First Draft of Passengers Charter

Image of Govt Releases First Draft of Passengers Charter

Flight Delays & Cancellations

  • If flight is expected to be delayed for more than 4 hrs from scheduled time of departure or revised departure time that is communicated 24 hours prior to scheduled departure time, then airlines will offer option of full refund of ticket to passenger.

  • When delay is more than 24 hrs from scheduled time of departure & involves flight to fly on next day, passenger will then be entitled for free-of-charge hotel accommodation including transfers.

Table contain shows the Airlines to compensate passengers for missing connecting flights due to delay in 1st flight

Table contain shows the Airlines to compensate passengers for missing connecting flights due to delay in 1st flight

Airlines to compensate passengers for missing connecting flights due to delay in 1st flight:

If delay more than 3 hours

Rs 5000

If delay b/w 4 & 12 hours

Rs 10000

If delay more than 12 hours

Rs 20000

  • If flight is stationed on pitch for more than 60 min. , then sufficient & free-of-charge hot snacks & beverages will be provided to passengers.

  • If flight is stationed on pitch for more than 90 min. & there is no possibility of departure in next 30 min. , then passengers must be de-boarded.

  • If passenger is informed about flight cancellation less than 2 weeks before & up to 24 hrs of scheduled departure time, airline must offer alternate flight allowing passenger to depart within 2 hours of booked scheduled time or refund ticket, as acceptable to passenger.

  • In case passenger is not informed about flight cancellation up to 24 hours of scheduled departure time, airlines must refund full value of air ticket.

Unforeseen Circumstances

  • In case if passenger dies or undergoes bodily injuries onboard aircraft, then limit of liability to be paid by airline will be same for both international & domestic passengers.
  • In case of baggage lost, baggage delayed, or baggage damaged, min. compensation will be Rs. 3000 per kg for loss of baggage, Rs. 1000 per kg for delay & Rs. 1000 per kg for damage of baggage

Cancellation of Tickets

  • Airline shall not levy any additional charge for correction in name of person, if name correction is required up to 3 characters only & error in name spelling is pointed out by passenger within 24 hours of making reservation.

  • Cancellation charges must be printed on ticket itself in min. font size of 12 & not as fine print. This information should be provided as part of reservation documentation.

  • Airline, in no circumstances, will levy cancellation charges that total more than basic fare plus fuel surcharge.

  • Passengers can cancel or amend ticket w/o any additional charges within 24 hours of booking ticket.

Other Facilities

  • Seats that are designated for persons w/disabilities, free of charge, will remain blocked until close to time of departure.

  • All airports must provide medical facilities at airport including - Medical doctor, Ambulance, min. medical support including oxygen cylinders & defibrillators, trained medical personnel, Standard Operating Procedures to care for medical emergencies for passengers.

  • There should be meet-and-greet facilities for all passengers.

  • Airports must provide toilets outside departure & arrival terminals.

  • Airports must provide passengers w/free 30-minutes Wi-Fi services.

  • Affordable food & beverages outlets shall be there.


  • DigiYatra is industry-led initiative coordinated by Union Ministry of Civil Aviation that aims to transform flying experience for passengers & position Indian Aviation amongst most innovative aviation networks in world.

  • Passengers will be able to enroll in to DigiYatra program thru AirSewa.

  • It will digitise air-travel experience from ticket booking to airport entry check, security check & aircraft boarding.

  • DigiYatra verified passenger gets hassle free entry at airport thru E-Gates. ID verification will be done by BCAS-approved Government ID.

  • It will offer value-added services like ground transportation, special services at airport, in-flight, etc.

  • It will enhance security while providing convenience to passenger

  • Technical standards for DigiYatra will be published shortly.

  • Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Varanasi & Vijayawada airports will roll out this programme in phased manner by January 2019.

Airsewa App

  • AirSewa app seeks to bring together all stakeholders on common platform to ensure timely & effective handling of customer grievances & to propagate real-time data.

  • App named as ‘AirSewa v1.5’, will be launched by July 2018.

  • It will offer registration for DigiYatra ID.

  • This app is social media login enabled that will allow users of Facebook & Google to access AirSewa.

  • It will provide updated flight status & flight schedule information.

  • It will offer information on facilities & services available across all airports in India.

Wi-Fi Connectivity In Flights

  • Domestic & international airlines will be able to offer internet services & mobile services on-board aircraft in Indian airspace, if certain security requirements are met:

  • Internet services will be provided from moment plane takes off.

  • Mobile services will be allowed only when aircraft is over altitude of 3000 metres.

Telecom Commission Approved In-Flight Mobile Connectivity in Indian Airspace

  • Internet & Mobile Communication on Aircraft (MCA) service will be permitted as In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) in Indian airspace.

  • MCA services will be permitted w/min. height restriction of 3000 metres in Indian airspace for its compatibility w/terrestrial mobile networks. Flight generally attains altitude of 3000 metres about 4 - 5 minutes after take-off.

  • Govt. will work towards creating license framework for special category of service providers called ‘In-flight connectivity provider’.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 13, 2018


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