Graphene Based All-Weather Solar Cell Has Been Invented by Chinese Researchers (Download PDF)


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Graphene based all-weather solar cell which can generate electricity even during rains using ‘wonders material’ has been innovated by the team of researchers from the Ocean University of China and Yunnan Normal University.

Key facts:

  • The new all-weather solar cell is prepared from highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cell covered with a very thin film of graphene.
  • Graphene is a two-dimensional (2D) form of carbon which is the atoms bonded into a honeycomb arrangement.
  • The phenomenon of grapheme’s behavioral changes in aqueous solution has been used by the Chinese researchers.
  • In aqueous solution graphene can bind positively charged ions with its electrons.
  • And this to obtain power from the impact of raindrops on graphene electrodes has been used by the Researchers.
  • So that at the point of interaction between the grapheme and raindrop, water becomes enriched in positive ions and the graphene becomes enriched in delocalized electrons.
  • It will be known as a pseudo capacitor i. e. double-layer made of electrons and positively charged ions in feature.
  • In potential associated, i. e. a phenomenon is sufficient to produce a voltage and current it also results in generating difference.

- Published/Last Modified on: April 11, 2016


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