Greece-Macedonia Dispute, Ethiopia-Eritrea War Ends and War History (Download PDF)

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Macedonia and the former Yugoslavia separated from each other in 1991 following which Macedonia was declared independence. Macedonia is also known as a region of Greece bordering the Macedonian republic.

Objections from Greece

  • To the adoption of this name.
  • Insisted that the name apply only to the Greek region.
  • Macedonian republic՚s territorial aspirations over the northern region of Greece.

Ethiopia-Eritrea War Ends

  • Recent announcement regarding the end of the deadly “20-year war.”
  • The war killed over 80,000 people.
  • Both the countries have announced the resumption of trade, diplomatic and travel ties.

War History

  • The war between the two countries broke out in 1999 over the control of Badme, a border town.
  • The local trading economy was destroyed massively.
  • Agreement on Cessation of Hostilities was signed in 2000 and later a Boundary Commission was established to settle the dispute.
  • Ethiopia demanded certain pre-conditions to the Commission՚s ruling in 2002 awarding Badme to Eritrea.
  • Ethiopia՚s ruling Ethiopian People՚s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) had proposed to end hostilities with Eritrea.

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