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Gujarat will be first big state to use Electronic Voting Machine (EVMs) equipped with Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) in coming Assembly elections to make elections more transparent. It will be second after Goa to use VVPAT system for the Assembly elections in entire state.

Image of EVMs with VVPAT

Image of EVMs with VVPAT

Image of EVMs with VVPAT

Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT)

  • VVPAT is independent verification printer machine attached to EVMs

  • Provides feedback to voters after they cast their votes in EVMs in the form of paper trail.

  • When the vote is cast, a small glass window shows the chosen candidate printed on paper. The paper slip also contains serial number, name of candidate and poll symbol.

  • The paper slip is visible only to voter from glass case in VVPAT for seven seconds, after which slip is cut and dropped into drop box in VVPAT machine

  • Allows voters to verify if their vote has gone to the intended candidate ensuring free and fair elections.

  • VVPAT machines can be accessed by polling officers only.

Advantages of VVPAT

  • VVPAT is to be used as independent verification system for EVM:

  • Allow voters to verify that votes were casted correctly

  • For the election commission it allows detection of possible election fraud or malfunction

  • Provide means to audit the stored electronic results by using the paper slips, which are always with the authorities.

Deploying VVPAT in Gujarat

  • The VVPATs will cover all 50,128 polling booths during 2017 Gujarat Assembly elections. As many as 70,182 VVPAT machines will be used during election elections. Earlier, VVPATs were used on pilot basis in limited polling booths of state in 2012 elections.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 13, 2017


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