Gujarat: First State of India to Distribute 2 Crore LED Bulbs under UJALA Scheme (Download PDF)

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Gujarat has created history by distributing 2 crore LED bulbs within just a 96 days of UJALA (Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All) Scheme launch with the average of 2 lack bulb per day.

  • 42 lack households of Gujarat got the benefits of this scheme.
  • This two crore LED bulls will save 259 Kwh energy (it is enough to lighting up 5 lakh homes in India for one year) and along with this Gujrat also gets CO2՚s 5,000 tones daily emission reduction.
  • Whereas total 9 crore LED bulbs are distributed across the country.
India to Distribute 2 Crore LED Bulbs under UJALA Scheme


  • Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme and unnat jyoti by affordable LED for all (UJALA) was launched by prime minister of India Narendra Modi on 2015 may 1
  • The bachat Lamba yojana replacing within 1 year of launch.
  • 9 carore lED bulbs were sold in the country.
  • The Government՚s target is to replace 77 crore bulbs in india with LEDs
  • The UJALA scheme is being applied by Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) , a joint scheme of PSUs under the Union Ministry of Power.
  • It is LED based Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP) .
  • The bulbs were sold at the subsidy rate of 85 rupees per bulbs.
  • The scheme will help decrease electricity bills of customers, underwrite to the energy safety of India and also help in environment protection. Previously the scheme was announced as “Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (DELP) ” on 5 January 2015, urging the people to use LED bulbs in place of incandescent bulbs, tube lights and CFL bulbs as they are more efficient, long lasting and economical in their life cycle duration.
  • Background

  • As part of Union Government՚s efforts to spread the message of energy efficiency in the country the Scheme was launched.
  • LED storage organ have a very long life, almost 50 times more than normal bulbs, and 8 - 10 times that of CFLs, and so make available both energy and cost savings in the medium term.
  • It will help in redeemable of energy about 24 crore units every year.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 2, 2016

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