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HDFC Bank launched a mobile app (application) “Chillr“for instantly transfer money to any person in India. Chillr app is a first-of-its kind application that is linked directly to customers’ bank accounts and is exclusively for customers of HDFC Bank. The bank launched the Chillr app with the help of Kochi-based mobile value added service company MobME(Co-founder MobME & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Chillr is Sony Joy).

There are many facilitates of Chillr app-

  1. Chillr app gives the facility to transact 24 hours a day any customers of HDFC Bank.
  2. The maximum transaction limit - 5000 rupees
  3. It can transact ten transactions per day and 50000 rupees a month.
  4. The money can be transferred to any contact in the phone book when once the app is downloaded on the phone.
  5. The Chillr app is totally safe
  6. Chillr app can be accessed only with an M-PIN known to the customer alone.

HDFC Bank (private bank) customers can download the app from iStore .

- Published/Last Modified on: March 19, 2015


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