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1st December marked 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day. This year’s theme is ‘Know your status’. There is need for active participation by both youth & ‘at risk’ population groups.

Image of New HIV infections among adults

Image of New HIV Infections Among Adults

Image of New HIV infections among adults

HIV is Still a Threat

India has many success stories including generation of estimated numbers of people living w/HIV in country at regular intervals, establishment of countrywide sentinel surveillance system & ensuring HIV treatment for over 1.2 million people.

Anti-Retroviral Therapy Has Played a Huge Role in Bringing down HIV Prevalence.

  • Impact of anti-retroviral therapy over last decade is obvious as there is sharp decline in estimated number of people living w/HIV in country.

  • Combination treatment used against HIV (using 3 or more anti-HIV medicines from diff. classes) & ‘test & treat’ strategy of National AIDS Control Organisation, GoI, have played major role in this regard.

  • This treatment, by bringing down viral load in individuals living w/HIV, prolongs life & improves its quality & serves as prevention tool because chance of further transmission thru unsafe sex or injection practices gets reduced due to adequately suppressed viral load.

NARI’s Role in Fight Against HIV Infection

  • National AIDS Research Institute (NARI), one of premier organisations under Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), was established in 1992.

  • Vision is to build research capacity of distinction, which is capable of facing growing challenges of HIV/AIDS in country.

  • Goal is to achieve control of HIV spread & to provide care to HIV infected population (Care, Treatment & Vaccine) & strive for achievement of zero new infections, zero deaths due to AIDS & zero discrimination.

  • NARI, at national level, plays crucial role in quality control of HIV diagnosis, CD4 count & viral load estimation.

  • Stigma around HIV does exist & negatively impinges upon various programmatic aspects starting from HIV test uptake at individual level.

Image of Stigma Leads to Sickness

Image of Stigma Leads to Sickness

Image of Stigma Leads to Sickness

Need for HIV Vaccine

  • HIV vaccine has potential to address issues around residual risk behaviour among ‘at risk’ population groups & resulting HIV transmission.

  • HIV vaccines are stable & safe, which would have good efficacy & considerable protection durability.

  • Cost of such vaccines & acceptability in community will have to be considered while making programme decision for use of HIV vaccine at large scale.

  • Behavioural modifications & combination anti-HIV treatment will remain as 2 major components in intervention package. In these 2 components HIV vaccine could be imp. add on element.

- Published/Last Modified on: January 15, 2019

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