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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has won re-election. This will be his second term as Iran’s President. He was elected as president for his first term in 2013. He won 2013 elections by pledging to end Iran’s isolation and improve civil rights.

Image of Hassan Rouhani

Image of Hassan Rouhani

Image of Hassan Rouhani


  • Rouhani won about 57 % of the vote with more than 23.5 million votes against his main challenger Ebrahim Raisi’s 15.7 million
  • Iran’s president is the second-most powerful figure in the country’s political system.
  • He is subordinate to the supreme leader
  • Who is chosen by a clerical panel and has the ultimate say over all matters of state.
  • Rouhani is seen as a reformer in Iran’s largely conservative society
  • He badly needs to demonstrate progress on overhauling the moribund economy.
  • He also became the first Iranian leader to speak with the President of United States when Barack Obama phoned in September 2013.
  • He has held various key positions like the key defence portfolios during the 1980 - 88 Iran-Iraq war
  • He has delivered on his promises of reaching the nuclear agreement, providing women with more social freedom and given us greater access to social media.

About Hassan Rouhani:

  • Born in Semnan province on 12 November 1948
  • Rouhani is a graduate of university of Tehran and has PhD from Scotland’s Glasgow Caledonian university.
  • He held a string of important government posts following the Iranian Revolution of 1979
  • The 68 year old Rouhani is a lawyer, academic and a former diplomat.
  • Rouhani has won his second term by presenting himself as the candidate of change and social freedoms that ended many sanctions and a 13 year standoff over Iran’s nuclear programme
  • He had spent 16 years as secretary of the Supreme National Security Council, which is Iran’s top security post
  • He earned the nickname ‘diplomatic sheikh’ owing to his clerical background and role as Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator from 2003 to 2005.
  • In 2013, Rouhani was elected as president of Iran.
  • Rouhani consistently worked to rebuild Iran’s relations with the West

Table Contant shows About Hassan Fereydoun

Table Contant shows About Hassan Fereydoun


Hassan Fereydoun

12 November 1948 (age 68)

Political party

Moderation and Development Party (1999–present)

Alma mater

Qom Seminary University of Tehran

Glasgow Caledonian University


Islam (Twelver Shia)



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