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Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has launched pilot project for transport of sputum specimen for Tuberculosis (TB) Diagnosis by utilizing services of Dept. of Post in Karawal Nagar, New Delhi.

Image of Transporting Specimens

Image of Transporting Specimens

Image of Transporting Specimens

Learning from this pilot project experience will be useful for adaptation of specimen transport mechanism thru Postal Dept. across country.

Need of Fast Transportation of Sputum Sample

  • Significant proportion of TB patients in India are not tested for their symptoms because specimen does not reach laboratory due to non- availability of specimen transport mechanisms.

  • Transport of collected specimen spares patient’s from travelling to reference laboratory.

  • Prompt transport of specimen followed by efficacious testing will enable appropriate management of TB patients & reduced disease transmission.

Other Initiatives

  • Health Ministry launched web-based application of Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP), Nikshay Version 2.0, w/better user interface & data structures.

  • It launched mobile application for all major functions on Nikshay.

  • Web-application is designed to be mobile friendly, enabling data entry from mobile browser.


  • NIKSHAY is web based solution for effectively monitoring of TB patients under Revised National Tuberculosis Programme (RNTCP).

  • It was launched by Health Ministry Govt. w/intention of creating TB free nation.

  • It was developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) in association w/Central TB Division (CTD), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

  • NIKSHAY word is combination of 2 Hindi words NI & KSHAY meaning eradication of TB.

  • It covers various aspects of controlling TB using technological innovations.

  • SMS services are used effectively for communication w/patients & monitoring programme on day to day basis.

Tuberculosis (TB)

  • TB is disease caused by bacteria “Mycobacterium tuberculosis”.

  • It most often affect lungs. It spreads from person to person thru air.

  • It commonly affects lungs & can affect other parts of body.

  • It is 2nd biggest killer disease worldwide next to HIV/AIDS. ndia accounts for about quarter of global TB burden.

  • Worldwide India has highest burden of both TB & MDR (Multi-drug resistant) TB.

  • In March 2017, Govt. had set aim elimination of TB in India by 2025.

- Published/Last Modified on: October 31, 2018

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