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We will be covering the important questions and topics for competitive examinations for 2017 related to Defense and related policies. As per video tutorials and lectures at YouTube@Examrace

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Expected Questions on Defence: UPSC IAS 2017

Dr. Manishika Jain in this video covers a variety of topics which are important for 2017. These include the expected questions on defence.


Image of Killer K-4 Missile

Image of Killer K-4 Missile

Image of Killer K-4 Missile

  • Part of Submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLMB)
  • Developed by: DRDO for Arihant Class Submarines
  • Derivative of AGNI series (Nuclear Capable)
  • Range: 3500 Kms
  • Intermediate range SLBM
  • Powered by: Solid rocket propellant


  • Nuclear-capable Submarine-launched ballistic missile
  • Forms a part of India’s Nuclear Triad
  • Range: 750 Kms
  • Developed by: DRDO for Arihant Class Submarines


Image of Astra Project

Image of Astra Project

Image of Astra Project

  • Beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile
  • Short-range (up to 20 km) and long-range (up to 80 km) targets


  • Advanced Air Defence (AAD) interceptor missile - > Advanced version of low altitude supersonic ballistic interceptor missile
  • Developed by DRDO
  • Can destroy any incoming hostile ballistic missile


  • Anti-tank guided missile
  • Pin point accuracy for a range up to 2.8 km

Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon (SAAW)

  • Developed by DRDO
  • Range of 100 km
  • Light weight high precision guided bomb
  • World class weapons systems - to destroy runways, aircraft hangers, and bunkers

Highest Defense Budget

  • Japan
  • 5.13 trillion yen
  • Ballistic missile
  • Personnel to Philippines and Vietnam

FC-31 Gryfalcon

  • Second 5th Generation fighter after J-20
  • Tested by China
  • Stealth capability
  • Electro-optical targeting system and helmet-mounted display


  • Indigenous heavy artillery gun
  • Developed by DRDO
  • Range of 45 km
  • Based on the 1980s’ Bofors FH-77B/39 Calibre artillery gun design


  • Mid-range surface-to-air anti-aircraft missile
  • Nuclear Capable
  • Supersonic Speed
  • Developed by: DRDO under IGMDP
  • Ramjet-rocket propulsion system
  • Multi target, Multi directional, All weather Air-defence system (inclusive of surveillance and tracking radars)

BARAK 8 (Lightening in Hebrew)

Image of BARAK 8 Missile

Image of BARAK 8 Missile

Image of BARAK 8 Missile

  • Indian-Israeli surface-to-air missile
  • Defence against any type of airborne threat
  • Two Versions: Land Based & Maritime
  • Developed by DRDO & Israel Aerospace Industries
  • Test Fired from INS Vikramaditya (India’s sole aircraft carrier)


Image of BRAHMOS

Image of BRAHMOS

Image of BRAHMOS

  • Name: Brahmaputra and Moskva River
  • Developed by: India and Russia- > Brahmos Aerospaces
  • Supersonic cruise missile
  • Principle: Fire and Forget
  • Range: 290 Kms
  • Speed: Mach 3
  • Solid-propellant rocket for initial acceleration of the missile
  • Air-breathing ramjet propulsion for fuel-efficiency & supersonic speed
  • Inducted into: Indian Army and Indian Navy
  • Can be launched from land, sea, sub-sea and air

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