Hottest Day in Arctic

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Hottest Day in Arctic

  • In Verkhoyansk in Siberia, mercury rose to 38 degree Celsius on June 20,2020.
  • It is reported as the highest temperature ever recorded in the Arctic Circle region.
  • WMO (World Meteorological Organization) is assessing the veracity of this measurement which would verify the claim.


  • In the last few months, the Arctic region has experienced repeated heat waves.
  • In May 2020, the average temperature in Siberia is 10o C above the normal.
  • The rate of warming of the Arctic region is twice that of the rest of the planet.
  • The reason for the higher warming rate is feedback mechanism known as Arctic amplification.
  • A major reason of this warming is the heat getting trapped in the Earth՚s atmosphere due to increasing emissions of greenhouse gases resulting from human activities.
  • The changing nature of Arctic jet stream also impacts the weather system further south from the arctic region.
  • Arctic Jet Stream is a band of winds over the region that usually keeps the region insulated from winds in the lower latitudes.
  • This warming has made jet stream very wavy and causing its cold winds to get out and warm winds from outside to get in.
  • Thus, long term weather conditions are being disrupted everywhere.
Hottest Day in Arctic
  • In India, the western disturbances are getting affected by disruptions in the Arctic Jet Stream.
  • Western disturbances bring rainfall and snowfall in the winter and spring months to northwestern, northern and northeastern regions.
  • The cause of unusual rainfall in these regions in March, April and May in 2020 was greater activity of western disturbances.

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