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How to Write a Good Research Paper

Writing a good research paper is not that difficult if one is well read and has done a good amount of research on the topic concerned. Here, the article would list out the point’s one need to take care while preparing a research paper.

An Effective Topic

  • Our entire paper revolves around a good topic.

  • The importance of a good and an impactful topic can never be exaggerated. A research topic has to be chosen with utmost care which has not been worked upon till now.

  • It has to be practical, concise and new.

  • Something like this will encourage the reader to read it. A small topic will help reader remember it and built his curiosity about the same.

A Well-Researched Paper

  • One need to be very careful while writing the paper. The topic has to be researched well and based on facts and evidences. One can’t write a paper based on fanciful data and arguments.

  • It has to be substantiated with correct data sourced from websites, government data, archives and books.

  • This is how one will make the paper informative and this will ultimately serve its very purpose.


  • One starts his paper with introduction or thesis. Thesis is not just any statement but it is about defining your entire paper in a way that it gives the essence of your paper.

  • One should introduce the paper in the best way possible so that its concise, organised and has all the elements in it which is enough to tell the paper what the paper is about.

  • One should not be left with any confusion after reading the introduction that they should read it or not. This is how a good introduction plays a role.


  • Body is where you explain your paper in its entirety. It has everything from data to graphs, pictures and what not. One must check the grammatical errors while writing the body.

  • Good English with beautiful words will make your paper look professional. While writing it, one should keep the topic in his mind so that they don’t divert much from it.

  • An informed and authoritative body is key to good research paper.


  • Just like an introduction, a conclusion also needs to be impactful. One need to end the paper by sentences that left a mark on people’s mind.

  • One can add his opinion in the conclusion in the form of ‘what next’ or what should be done.

  • In this way one can write a good research paper. Writing research paper has to be taken seriously.

  • One needs to put in efforts and hard work so that it turns out to be something new and worth reading.

- Published/Last Modified on: April 20, 2020


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