Human Capital Index 2018: India at 115ThWith 0.44 on a Scale of 0 to 1

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World Bank released its first Human Capital Index in 2018. It forms a part of World Development Report. India is placed at 115th rank in the index with a score of 0.44 on a scale of 0 to 1.

Human Capital Index


  • Human Capital Index covers 157 countries.
  • It aims to measure the human capital that a child born today will attain at the age of 18.

The HCI Has Three Components

  • Survival, as measured by Under 5 mortality rate.
  • Expected years of Quality-Adjusted School- based on information on the quality and quantity of education.
  • Health Environment- it uses two proxies-adult survival rate and the rate of stunting for children under age 5.
  • According to HCI, 56 % of world՚s population has a score of 0.50 or below. 92 % population has a score of 0.75 or below. Thus only 8 % of the population can expect to be as productive as they could be.
  • India with a score of 0.44 reveals that a child born today will be only 44 % productive at the age of 18 as he/she should be if he/she enjoyed full health and complete education.
  • The HCI for females in India is marginally better than that for males.

For India

  • Survival- 96 out of 100 will survive to age 5.
  • Expected years of school- a child starting school at the age of 4 is expected to complete 10.2 years of school by the age of 18.
  • Harmonized Test Scores- 355 on a scale where 625 indicate advanced attainment and 300 minimum attainments.
  • Adult Survival Rate- 8 % of 15 years old will survive until age 60.
  • 38 out of 100 children are stunted. So they are at a risk of cognitive and physical limitations.

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