Humanitarian Corridors

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With an intention to provide “humanitarian corridors” for the civilians, Russia recently declared a temporary ceasefire in the Russia-Ukraine war. Millions of civilians attempt to leave the country for safety and refuge with the war entering a deadlier phase. The humanitarian corridors could provide crucial relief against the large-scale bombing of the civilian targets.

Humanitarian corridors are essential when cities are under siege and the population is cut off from basic food supplies, water, and electricity. The humanitarian corridors could bring either food, medical aid to the areas of conflict apart from evacuating the civilians.

Growing Humanitarian Crisis


  • Accessibility to the humanitarian corridors gets determined by the parties to the conflict.
  • It is limited to the neutral actors usually as well as the UN or aid organizations such as the Red Cross.
  • Such corridors could also be used for gaining accessibility to contested areas wherein war crimes are being committed:
    • UN observers
    • NGOs
    • Journalists
  • The international community see these “relief corridors” as an important instrument for backing up the rights of the civilians to receive assistance during the armed conflicts.

Associated Issues

  • For setting such corridors a common agreement is needed from all the sides and therefore the enforcement becomes difficult.
  • They could be used for military or political abuse as well for e. g. , using smuggled weapons and fuel into besieged cities.

Historical Background

  • Humanitarian corridors were defined in armed conflicts during World War II when Jewish children were evacuated from areas under the Nazi control.
  • Such corridors were also defined in resolution 45100 of the UNs՚ general assembly in 1990.
  • Recognized in the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and the Additional Protocols of 1977.
  • Among other various conflict zones, such corridors have been used frequently in:
    • Syrian civil war
    • Libyan civil war
    • Gaza war

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