Hungarian Writer Laszlo Krasznahorkai Wins Man Booker International Prize 2015

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Laszlo Krasznahorkai from Hungarian who has won the prestigious Man Booker International Prize for 2015. Krasznahorkai (61) won the prestigious 60,000 pound ($ 90,000) prize for works that include ″ The Melancholy of Resistance (1989) , ″Seiobo There Below (1999) ″ and ″ Satantango ″ and was chosen from among 10 contenders.

Laszlo Krasznahorkai was born in 1954 Gyula in Hungary and he had gained recognition in 1985 after he had published his debut novel Satantango, which he adapted for the big screen in 1994.

Krasznahorkai received many Awards and Honours-

  • Bestenliste-Prize of Germany for his novel The Melancholy of Resistanc in 1993.
  • Awarded with most prestigious cultural award in Hungary in 2004.

Man Booker International Prize is sponsored by Man Group plc, which also sponsors the Man Booker Prize for Fiction and prize money is worth 60,000.

The Prize is significantly different in that it highlights one writer՚s overall contribution to fiction on the world stage. The judges, who solely decide the winner, consider a writer՚s body of work rather than a single novel.

Unlike the UK Man Booker Prize for Fiction, publishers cannot submit authors՚ works for consideration.

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