Hybrid Vacuum Toilets develops by Indian Railways


About Hybrid Vacuum system: Hybrid vacuum system is designed by combining ejectors, surface condensers and liquid ring vacuum pumps. It consists of a grouping of steam ejectors operating in series, followed by a condenser where the gases are reduced.

  • Thus reduces the load of gases to be removed by the vacuum pump which compresses non - condensable gases to atmospheric pressure.
  • It can be designed and manufactured according to the chosen vacuum range, gas composition and availability of water and steam.

About development by Indian Railway:

  • Indian Railways has developed Hybrid Vacuum Toilet design which combines the benefits of Vacuum toilets and those of Bio toilets.
  • The first of its kind system in the world has been developed by the Development Cell of Indian Railway Board.
  • This newly developed toilet facility has been fixed on trial basis in Dibrugarh Rajdhani.

About structures of Hybrid Vacuum Toilet:

  • The model of Hybrid Vacuum Toilet contains two parts of a custom designed Vacuum toilet and a bio digester tank.
  • The vacuum toilet is reformed from a commercially available systems used in aircrafts.
  • These toilets clear its discharge into a bio digester tank of the bio toilets which is fitted below the train coach of Indian Railways; it does not need large space.
  • The bio digester tank contains anaerobic bacteria that convert human faecal matter into water and small amount of gases by the process of hydrolysis, acetogenesis, acidogenesis and methanogenesis.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 22, 2015