IAF’S AN-32 Aircraft Formally Certified to Operate on Indigenous Bio-Jet Fuel (Download PDF)


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IAF’s formidable workhorse, the Russian made AN-32 aircraft was formally fleet certified to fly on blended aviation fuel containing up to 10 % of indigenous bio-jet fuel. The approval certificate was received at the aero-engine test facilities at Chandigarh.

This image in IAF’s AN-32 Aircraft formally certified

This Image in IAF’S An-32 Aircraft Formally Certified

This image in IAF’s AN-32 Aircraft formally certified

Certification Preview

  • The indigenous bio-jet fuel was first produced by the Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun in 2013at Dehradun. Due to lack of test facilities in the civil aviation sector, the indigenous bio-jet could not be tested or certified for commercial use on aircraft.

  • The Chief of the Air Staff in 2018 had formally announced IAF’s intention to permit the use of all its resources for testing and certifying the indigenous fuel.

  • IAF’s flight test crew and engineers have been evaluating the performance of this fuel against international standards immediately after the announcement of the permit.

Bio-Jet Fuel

  • Bio-fuel which will be used by AN-32 fleet would be produced from tree borne oils (TBOs) sourced from tribal areas.

  • Biofuels are fuels manufactured from biomass.

  • Biomass resources are the biodegradable fraction of products, wastes and residues from agriculture, forestry and related industries as well as the biodegradable fraction of industrial and municipal wastes.


  • AN-32 is Twin engine turboprop medium tactical transport aircraft of Russian origin. with a

  • AN-32 consists of a crew of five and capacity to carry 39 paratroopers or max load of 6.7 tonnes with a max cruise speed of 530 km/hr.

  • SpiceJet operated India’s first commercial airplane on biofuel from Dehradun to Delhi on 27th August 2018.

  • At present, liquid biofuel is used in automobiles in India. This includes ethanol produced from crops containing sugar and starch and biodiesel from oilseeds. According to government statistics, oil marketing.

  • In last one year IAF undertook a series of evaluation tests and trials with this green aviation fuel.

  • The scope of these evaluation tests and checks was in consonance with international aviation standards.

  • The approval granted is an acknowledgement of meticulous testing using indigenous bio-jet fuel by IAF.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 18, 2019

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