IIFCL Contributes Rs 10 Crore to National Sports Development Fund (Download PDF)

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India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (IIFCL) has made a contribution of Rs. 10 crore to the National Sports Development Fund (NSDF). The contribution was the third instalment of the contribution made by IIFCL, taking its total contribution to Rs. 30 crore.

Image of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

Image of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

Image of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

How is the Contribution Being Used?

  • The IIFCL contribution is being utilized for promotion of sports in the disciplines of Badminton, Archery and Para Sports.
  • The contribution is being used to support sportspersons for their customized training and other services and setting up of Academies/Support to Academies.


  • The NSDF was established with the objective of promotion of excellence in sports through support to top-level sportspersons who are medal prospects in Olympics and other major international competitions and creation of sports infrastructure in priority disciplines.
  • The Fund accepts contributions from private/public corporate sectors, other legal bodies like Trusts/Societies, individuals, and so on.


  • Infrastructure Development Finance Company is a finance company based in India.
  • It provides finance and advisory services for infrastructure projects as well as asset management and investment banking.
  • IIFCL provides financial assistance to commercially viable projects, which includes projects implemented by a public sector company; a private sector company; or a private sector company selected under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative.
  • Priority is given to those PPP projects awarded to private companies, which are selected through competitive bidding process.
  • IIFCL raises funds from domestic as well as external markets on the strength of government guarantees.
  • The mode of lending is either long term debt; refinance to banks and financial institutions for loans granted by them to infrastructure companies; take out finance; subordinate debt and any other mode approved by Government from time to time.
  • The total lending by IIFCL is limited to 20 % of the Total Project Cost.

- Published/Last Modified on: July 31, 2018


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