IIsc Again Ranked Highest from India in World University Rankings 2018 (Download PDF)

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Times World University Rankings 2018 ranked Indian Institute of Science (IISc) top among Indian Universities, but it fared worse than last year՚s position. Indian education system needs to focus more on research, research funding, and internationalization of Indian campuses.

Times World University Rankings 2018

Top 10 Universities

  • Oxford University (1st, UK) Cambridge University (2nd, UK)
  • California institute of Technology (3rd, US)
  • Stanford University (4th, US)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (5th, US)
  • Harvard University (6th, US)
  • Princeton University (7th, US)
  • Imperial College London (8th, UK)
  • University of Chicago (9th, US)
  • ETH-Zurich (10th, Switzerland)

Rankings of Indian Universities

  • 30 Universities in India featured in the 2018 list
  • No Indian university made it to top 100
  • IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, and IISc Bangalore made it to top 200
  • 8 are in top 500

Indian Universities Slipped down from Their Previous Ranking

  • IISc slipped from the 201 - 250 band to the 251 - 300 due to drop in research influence and income
  • IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur slipped from 401 - 500 to 501 - 600.
  • IIT Bombay retained 351 - 400 ranking
  • IIT Kharagpur and IIT Roorkee retained their 501 - 600 position.

Declining Rank of Indian Universities

  • Indian institutes lagged in research funding and citations- Most premier institutes in India focus on one particular stream producing only low variety of research
  • They lacked in internationalization- Government policy limits number of students from abroad and prevents international scholars from being hired into long-term faculty positions

About World University Rankings

  • Rankings provide global performance tables of universities based on core missions viz. teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and international outlook.
  • Universities are ranked on thirteen indicators grouped in five areas:
    • Teachings (learning environment; 30 % weight)
    • Research (volume, income and reputation; 30 %)
    • Citations (research influence; 30 %)
    • International outlook (staff, students and research; 7.5 %)
    • Industry income (knowledge transfer; 2.5 %) .
  • Universities with no undergraduate programs or those with research output of less than 1000 articles between 2012 and 2016 are excluded.

- Published/Last Modified on: October 14, 2017


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