IIT-Bombay Students Developed Fastest Sports Car of India ‘ORCA’ (Download PDF)

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IIT-B students has developed Indian fastest sports car which they named as ‘ORCA’ is all set to enter in to the Formula Student UK competition to compete against similar models designed by over 100 student teams from around the globe.

  • IIT-B students have designed this car in nine months.
  • At the campus auditorium of IIT-B, ORCA was launched on 29th May 2016 and it was sponsored by NRB Bearings, Tata Motors, CEAT Tyres and others.
  • ORCA is faster compared to any other sports car made by Porsche, Tesla or Audi.
  • It has 0 - 100kmph acceleration in 3.47 seconds.
  • It is made up of special steel-frame chassis with carbon-fibre manufactured body, which decreases the weight and also stabilizes the car at high speeds.
  • ORCA was built by a team of Engineers which was headed by a 4th-year student of Engineering Physics.

About Formula Student UK competition:

  • It is a car competition where electric and IC engine cars are examine based on the type of engineering and the presentation skill used to build a car among other parameters.
  • It is organized every year in UK.
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Formula Sae jointly organized this competition every year.
  • From past five years IIT-Bombay has been participating in the car racing competition and also has received the FS award for design improvement for three consecutive years.
  • Last year TU Delft and Team Bath Racing from Bath University have won the trophy.

- Published/Last Modified on: May 31, 2016

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