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In the International Fleet Review as a part of 70th anniversary celebrations of PLA (People’s Liberation Army) Navy IN ships Kolkata & Shakti are scheduled to arrive Qingdao, China on 21st April 2019. The harbour stay of IN ships will be marked by interaction between personnel of participating navies, courtesy calls to various dignitaries of PLA (N) & Government officials, professional exchanges & various sporting events.

Image shows The Participation of Inadian Navy in PLA

Image Shows the Participation of Inadian Navy in PLA

Image shows The Participation of Inadian Navy in PLA

About IFR (International Fleet Review)

  • IFR is a parade of naval ships, aircraft, & submarines.

  • It is organized by nations to promote goodwill, strengthen cooperation, & display their organizational capabilities.

  • IFR also serves as an ideal platform for world’s navies to display their prowess, indigenous ship designing, & ship building capabilities in a global/international arena.

  • The 2nd IFR conducted by India off Visakhapatnam in Feb 2016 saw overwhelming participation of 50 navies with nearly 100 warships.

  • The ships are likely to sail in the evening of 22nd April to participate in the Naval Parade of ships scheduled to be reviewed by the Chinese President on 23 April.

Indian Navy Participation in the IFR:

  • Indian Navy will participate in the IFR at Qingdao by indigenously built stealth guided missile destroyer INS Kolkata & fleet support ship INS Shakti.

  • Ships will be opened for visits by PLA (Navy) personnel & local populace to showcase Indian Navy’s prowess & India’s ship building capability.

About INS Kolkata

  • The Ship was launched on 30th March 2006

  • This magnificent ship measures 164 meters in length & approximately 18 meters in width and has a full load displacement of 7400 tonnes

  • The ship has a Combined Gas & Gas (COGAG) propulsion system

  • The ship has a complement of 30 officers & 300 sailors

  • The ship is equipped with state-of-the-art weapons &sensors to address threats in all dimensions of naval warfare

About INS Shakti

  • Navy Fleet Tanker INS Shakti (A 57)

  • The meaning of the name ‘Shakti’ is force, power or energy

  • A replenishment ship

  • One of the largest tankers displacing over 27,000 tonnes & capable of carrying 15,000 tonnes of liquid cargo & over 500 tonnes of solid cargo including victuals & ammunition

  • The crest design depicts two horses, one black and other pink, in full gallop, symbolizing strength and energy

Table Of The Features and Information

Table Of The Features and Information



Displacement (Tonnes)

Full load



Length Overall

175 M

Speed (knots)




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