INs Viraat, Oldest Aircraft Carries Decommissioned (Download PDF)

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The world՚s oldest aircraft carrier in active service, INS Viraat, will be decommissioned after serving the India Navy for approximately 30 years. The decommissioning ceremony will be attended by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and other dignitaries.

INs Viraat, Oldest Aircraft Carrier
Table Contain Shows About of INs Viraat, Oldest Aircraft Carrier
NameINS Viraat
AcquiredMay 1987
Recommissioned12 May 1987
Decommissioned6 March 2017
Out of service23 July 2016
HomeportMumbai, Maharashtra
IdentificationPennant number: R22
Nickname (s)Grand Old Lady

Key Highlights:

  • INS Viraat was commissioned in 1987 in Indian Navy; the historic ship served Royal British Navy for 27 long years.
  • INS Viraat was built in 1943, during the Second World War.
  • The ship՚s name is entered in the Guinness World Records for being the oldest serving warship.
  • INS Viraat will be retiring after serving the country for nearly 3 decades.
  • The carrier has provided utmost protection to the country during many tense circumstances.
  • The event will see the lowering and wrap-up of the naval flag installed on the warship at sunset,
  • A long sea odyssey lasting 55 years, including 30 years in the Indian Navy.

INS Viraat:

  • INS Viraat (R22) , the seventh largest aircraft carrier in the world, is a Centaur-Class aircraft carrier operated by the Indian Navy.
  • INS Viraat is also the oldest carrier, serving as the flagship of the Indian Navy.
  • INS Viraat was originally commissioned by the Royal Navy as HMS Hermes on 1959 and sold to India in 1986.
  • INS Viraat is committed to helping less privileged sections of our society and contributes to the overall development.

General characteristics:

General Characteristics of INs Viraat

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