ISRO՚s Mission Venus

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Post the Mars mission, the Indian Space Research Organization՚s is planning for a mission to Venus. Though various speculations have been made regarding the launch but the officials have said that the launch will not be happening before 2020. That has been planning to spend a spacecraft around Venus. First it ewill make an elliptical orbit and then it would get closer to the planet. The spacecraft will have power of 500W and the weigh 175 KG. Firstly the approval has to be taken from the Advisory Committee on Space Sciences which followed by the Space Commission and finally by the Government.

ISRO՚s Mission Venus

What is ISRO?

  • ISRO being the Indian Space Research Organization
  • It is the space agency of the government of India
  • The headquarters being in Bengaluru
  • The vision is the harness space technology for national development
  • It was formed in 1969 by the efforts of the first Prime Minister of Independent India Jawahar Lal Nehri
  • It has been managed by the Department of space which has to give all its reports to the Prime Minister
  • The first satellite was made by ISRO was Aryabhata but launched by the Soviet Union
Organisation of ISRO

What՚s the Mission of ISRO?

  • After successfully landing the mission on mars
  • This second planetary mission is taking place
  • Venus is close to the Earth and it՚s the 2nd planet from the sun
  • It has similar aspect as of the Earth and it takes only 225 days to revolve around the Sun
  • it՚s the closeness to the Sun that makes the planet so hot
  • It will turn out to be another feather in the cap of India if this mission is successful

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