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  • The ISRO SSA Control Centre, was formally inaugurated by chairman, ISRO/Secretary, DOS. The need for setting up a state-of-the art facility was re-iterated and dedicated to SSA activities on par with international agencies.
  • It is being looked upon as an important milestone towards enhancement and augmentation of ISRO՚s SSA capabilities. It is further expected to pave the way for greater self-reliance under the ambit of “Atmanirbhar” Bharat.
IsRO SsA Control Centre

Control Centre Overview

  • It has been envisaged to function as a hub of all SSA activities within India.
  • It will facilitate concurrent processing of data from the upcoming observational facilities space objects՚ orbit determination, correlation, and catalogue generation.
  • From the control center, provision to schedule and remotely operate the observational facilities.
  • Close approach analysis between ISRO՚s satellite and launch vehicles.
  • Timely dissemination of advance alerts for collision avoidance of operational assets.
  • Prediction of atmospheric re-entry of derelict satellites and rocket bodies.
  • For Space Debris mitigation and remediation, dedicated labs will also be set up in this control center.
  • Compliance verification of UN/IADC guidelines and various R&D activities.

The R&D Activities

  • Will encompass space object fragmentation.
  • Break up modelling.
  • Space debris population and micrometeoroid environment modelling.
  • Space Weather studies.
  • Near Earth Objects and planetary defense studies.

Network for Space Object TRacking and Analysis (NETRA)

  • It is now set up within the ISTRAC campus at Peenya, Bangalore.
  • Initiated as a first step towards meeting the goal of ISRO SSA Control Centre.
  • Main elements are a radar, an optical telescope facility, and a control center.


  • Directorate of Space Situational Awareness and Management has been established at ISRO.
  • It engages in evolving improved operational mechanisms.
  • To protect Indian space assets through effective coordination amongst:
    • ISRO/DOS Centers.
    • Other space agencies and international bodies.
    • Establishment of necessary supporting infrastructures.
    • Additional observation facilities for space object monitoring.
    • A control center for centralized SSA activities.

- Published/Last Modified on: June 3, 2021

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