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The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched its PSLV C36 ResourceSat-2A from Sriharikota. The satellite is intended to continue the remote sensing data services to global users. It will carry similar payloads as carried by its predecessors Resourcesat-1 and Resourcesat-2.

ISRO successfully launches PSLV-C36 rocket

ISRO Successfully Launches PSLV-C36 Rocket

ISRO successfully launches PSLV-C36 rocket

About PSLV C36 Is

  • The PSLV C36 is the 38th flight of ISRO’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.
  • PSLV-C36 is to place the 1235kg Resourcesat-2A into an 817 km polar Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO).
  • 6 solid strap-on motors have been used in this flight which is the XL version of the PSLV.
  • PSLV is a major workhorse in the matters of launch vehicles that ISRO has offered to launch satellites for international customers.

About Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV)

  • Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, commonly abbreviated as PSLV, is an launch system developed and operated by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).
  • It was developed to allow India to launch its Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellites into Sun-synchronous orbits, a service that was, until the advent of the PSLV, commercially available only from Russia.
  • PSLV can also launch small size satellites into geostationary transfer orbit (GTO).
  • During 1994 - 2016 periods, PSLV has launched a total of 121 satellites, of which 79 satellites are from abroad and 42 are Indian satellites.
  • In the year 2015 alone India successfully launched 17 foreign satellites belonging to Canada, Indonesia, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States.

About ResourceSat-2A

  • ResourceSat 2A was launched on December 07,2016.
  • Payloads: The satellite contains 3 multispectral cameras on board.
  • Advanced Wide-Field Sensor (AWiFS) with 56 meter spatial resolution.
  • Linear Imaging Self-Scanning Sensor (LISS-III) with 23.5 meter spatial resolution.
  • S-AIS (Satellite-based Automatic Identification System) for tracking maritime traffic in Indian Ocean Search & Rescue Region.
  • LISS-IV Camera with 5.8 meter spatial resolution.
Location of Sriharikota

Location of Sriharikota

Location of Sriharikota

- Published/Last Modified on: December 7, 2016


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