Important New Railway Initiatives (July 2017)

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Minister of Railways has launched following important projects: Rail Cloud Project, NIVARAN-Grievance Portal (First IT Application on Rail Cloud) , and Cashless treatment Scheme in Emergency (CTSE) Scheme and Handing over of 1st CTSE Card.

Image Shows the Benefits of RailCloud

RailCloud Project: Part of IR-OneICT

Strategic IT initiative, christened IR-OneICT, for enterprise wide digital single platform- aim to improve customer satisfaction, improve revenue and effective, efficient and safe operations.

  • RailCloud basic project to achieve the goal of single digital platform for IR
  • RailCloud is another step towards Digitization of Railways
  • Rail Cloud works on popular Cloud Computing system
  • RailCloud project in association with its PSU, RailTel Corporation of India Limited
  • Efforts in direction to bring entire Railway system on integrated digital Platform.
  • Reduce the cost & data may be safely ensured on the servers
  • What is Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing is the emerging technology for faster and on demand commensurate deployment of Server resources, resulting in, reduced cost.

Benefits of RailCloud

  • Swifter deployment of application (within 24 hrs as compared to conventional time running into weeks and months)
  • Cloud hardware and environment available for testing
  • Maximizing usage of the available server and storage- allowing bigger data and more applications.
  • Utilizing existing infrastructure subsumed in RailCloud
  • Rapid scalability and elasticity based on demand.
  • IT Security enhancement and Standardization
  • Cost reduction
  • Better User Experience with increased speed
  • Allow Managed Network and Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) services for faster and more efficient work environment workers

NIVARAN-Grievance Portal ′ First IT Application on RailCloud

  • First IT application to be launched on the RailCloud
  • Platform for resolution of service related grievances of serving and former railway employees
  • New application cloud-ready and migrated as the first cloud application of Indian Railways- save significant revenue and improve user experience

Cashless Treatment Scheme in Emergency (CTSE)

  • Railway employees and their dependents get Comprehensive Health Care Facilities through in-house health Institutions with referrals to hospitals whenever necessary.
  • Retired beneficiaries often live far away from the established Railway Health Institutions and cannot come to Railway Health Institutions in emergencies.
  • CTSE provides immediate care in ‘Golden Hour’ - Cashless treatment Scheme in Emergency in selected hospitals
  • Allows web based system of communication between private hospitals and railway authorities with eligibility determined by biometrics stored in Aadhar (UIDAI) server
  • Whole system including bill processing is online

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