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Saudi Arabia male dominated country has created history by allowing women to vote and become candidates in local elections for the first time. Regarding to these Saudi authorities has allowed 979 women among the 6,917 registered candidates to be candidates for 284 municipal councils as per the royal decree issued in 2011.

  • Previously in 2005 Saudi Arabia had held municipal elections and have planned for next election in 2009. But due to some resound it was delayed by 2 years and election was held in 2011, in these transitional phase carry out republic but only men were allowed to take part in the election.
  • Now King Abdullah has granted women rights to be part of the Local election.
  • And by allowing women to be Part of the municipal elections Saudi Arabian government has shown that social participation of its women is increasing now.
  • At the moment, women formatted one fourth of the country’s Shura Council which does not include election body but appointed by the king in which they are allowed to propose laws for government but cannot pass them.

About Shura Council:

  • The Consultative Assembly of Saudi Arabia also known as Majlis as - Shura or Shura Council is the formal consultative body of Saudi Arabia which is total under the power of king.
  • The Shura Council Assembly has limited powers in government; it only include the power to propose laws to the King and cabinet, but cannot pass laws this power was reserved by King.
  • It is made up of 150 members, all of them are appointed by king.
  • The Consultative Assembly is leaded by a Speaker and the current speaker is Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al ash - Sheikh which are become head due to tradition that kept the post in that family.
  • The Assembly is located in the Al Yamamah Palace, Riyadh.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 1, 2015

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