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Index of Industrial Production comprises of eight core industries and non-core industries. It is an index which shows the growth rates in different industry groups of the economy. There is a separate index for eight core industries and collective index that is index of Industrial Production.

Index of Industrial Production

Index of Industrial Production

Index of Industrial Production

  • Index of Industrial Production is prepared by National statistical office (NSO) which is works under the ministry of statistics and programme implementation.

  • Index of eight core Industries is made by economic Advisor offices it comes under Ministry of commerce. It is published every month.

Eight Core Industries

  • The total weightage of Eight Core Industries is 40.27%. The Eight Core Industries are Coal-10.33%, Crude Oil- 8.98%, Natural Gas-6.88%, Refinery products-28.04%, Fertilisers- 2.63%, Steel- 17.92%, Cement- 5.37%, Electricity- 19.85%.

  • The core sector output falls to 5.2 % this slowdown was not witnessed in last 14 years.

  • The output of refinery products Natural gas and coal has declined and the output of electricity, fertilisers, steel and cement are improved.

  • India facing economic slowdown which is impacting all the sectors of Indian economy.

  • To boost consumption and counter economic slowdown RBI needs to reduce the policy rates.

National Statistical Office (NSO)

  • NSO conducts large scale sample surveys in diverse field on all India bases.

  • It is headed by director general.

  • It collects data from various sources like nationwide household services, annual survey of industries.

  • It has four divisions.

Survey Designed Research Division (SDRD)

  • It located at Kolkata.

  • It is responsible for technical planning of surveys.

  • It formulates definitions and the concepts.

Field Operations Divisions (FOD)

  • Headquartered at Delhi

  • It has spread across the country.

  • It has 6 Zonal office, 52 regional office and 117 sub-regional offices.

  • It collects primary data for NSO.

Data Processing Division (DPD)

  • It is headquartered at Kolkata.

  • It is also responsible for data collection through various services.

Survey Coordination Division (SCD)

  • It is located at New Delhi

  • Its major work is to coordinating with other divisions.

  • It brings bi-annual journal of NSO known as “sarvekshana”.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 26, 2019

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