India 103 in Global Human Capital Index 2017 (Download PDF)

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India was 103 out of 130 countries surveyed in World Economic Forum՚s (WEF) Global Human Capital Index (GHCI) 2017. In the previous version, India ranked 105th. Capacity ultimately related to past investment in formal education.

India՚s Score Card

What is Global Human Capital Index (GCHI) ?

GHCI measures ability to nurture, develop, and deploy talent for economic growth in four areas of human capital development:

  • Capacity ultimately related to past investment in formal education
  • Deployment which depends on accumulation of skills through work
  • Development of workforce through reskilling and continued upskilling of existing workers
  • Expertise, which depends on on-job training to pick specialized skills for use at work.

Key Highlights of 2017 GHCI

  • Top 10 countries are Norway (1) , Finland (2) , Switzerland (3) , United States (4) , Denmark (5) , Germany (6) , New Zealand (7) , Sweden (8) , Slovenia (9) , and Austria (10)
  • Among BRICS: India ranked way lower than other BRICS peers- Russia (16) , China (34) , Brazil (77) and South Africa (87)
  • Among South Asian Countries: India lower than Sri Lanka (70) and Nepal (98)
  • As a consolation India ranked higher than Bangladesh (111) and Pakistan (125)

What Happened to India?

  • For skills needed for the future India ranks 65.
  • Ranks last in employment gender gap.
  • Ranks 110 in educational attainment specifically primary education attainment among 25 - 54 year olds
  • It ranks low in deployment of human capital that is skills are not put to good use.
  • India 118 for labour force participation among 35 - 54 year old demographic- too many Indians engaged in informal and subsistent employment.

- Published/Last Modified on: October 10, 2017

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