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Six agreements have been signed between India and Australia in various fields like terrorism, sports, health, environment, aviation sector to boost bilateral cooperation. These agreements were signed in presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his visiting Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull after delegation level talks.

India and Australia sign six agreements

India and Australia Sign Six Agreements

India and Australia sign six agreements

The signed MoUs are:

Image of the signed MoUs are

Image of the Signed MoUs Are

Image of the signed MoUs are

Highlights of delegation level talks

  • India and Australia have come together to boast the trade and security ties including counter terrorism cooperation
  • The trade deal on the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) could not be negotiated
  • Uranium supply deal has been done and it will be supplied to India as soon as possible.
  • Australia has signed an agreement where it says that it will support India in the Nuclear Suppliers Group and also for Australia Group and the Wassenaar Arrangement, the two export control regimes.
  • The agreement for the sea lines safety communication and maritime security has been made
  • After realizing the freedom of navigation and over flight unimpeded lawful commerce, resolving maritime disputes by peaceful means, in accordance with international law, including UNCLOS.
  • They have taken a vow to remain strongly committed to the breadth of their defenses ties and recalled the Special Forces Bilateral Exercise conducted in October 2016.
  • They are excited about the inaugural the inaugural secretaries’ defence and foreign affairs dialogue in the ‘2 + 2’ format as a new mechanism to build on the deep strategic partnership.

What is Nuclear Suppliers Group?

  • It is a group of nuclear supplier countries which have been seeking to prevent nuclear proliferation by controlling the export of materials, equipment and technology that can be used to manufacture nuclear weapons.
  • As of 2016 the NSG has 48 members:
Image shows list of 2016 the NSG has 48 members

Image Shows List of 2016 the NSG Has 48 Members

Image shows list of 2016 the NSG has 48 members

Nuclear Suppliers Group

Nuclear Suppliers Group

Nuclear Suppliers Group

- Published/Last Modified on: April 18, 2017


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