India Helps to Sets Up Apparel Training Centre in Kaduna, Nigeria


An apparel training centre has been established in Kaduna, Nigeria to support textiles industry of the West African country. This training centre is a first centre in Nigeria which has been set up by India in partnership with their government.

Image shows apparel training centre

Image shows apparel training centre

Showing image of apparel training centre


  • It objective to support and catalyze the initiative of Nigeria in realizing the objectives to reconstruct the cotton and textile value chain.
  • The centre addresses the need for skilled workforce for domestic as well export-oriented apparel industry in the West African region.

Key details:

  • The training centre was established under the Cotton Technical Assistance Programme for Africa.
  • This is implemented by the Department of Commerce, Government of India under 2nd India Africa Forum Summit.

Background detail:

  • Nigeria is main trading partner of India.
  • India-Nigeria bilateral trade stood at US 12.17 billion dollars in 2015 - 16 as against US 16.36 billion dollars in 2014 - 15.
  • 100 Indian companies operating in Nigeria mainly in hydrocarbons, telecom, textiles, electrical equipment, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, IT and autos sectors.
  • Nigeria is Africa’s biggest oil producer and its major portion of crude export is to India.
  • India’s exports to Nigeria includes:

    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Machinery
    • Instruments
    • Chemicals
    • Transport equipment
    • Electronic goods

    India imports from Nigeria includes:

    • Crude
    • Petroleum
    • Non-ferrous metals
    • Wood
    • Wood products
    • Cashew nuts

- Published/Last Modified on: July 11, 2016