India- Indonesia Co-Ordinated Patrol Commences (Download PDF)

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The 29th India–Indonesia CORPAT has commenced at Port Blair under the aegis of Andaman and Nicobar Command. The bilateral exercise is scheduled to be held from 9th to 25th May. India - Indonesia navies are contributing one aircraft and a ship each in the exercis.

Image flag of India- Indonesia

Image Flag of India- Indonesia

Image flag of India- Indonesia


  • The Indonesian Naval Ship KRI Sutedi Senoputra has arrived to take part in the 29th series of IND–INDO CORPAT.
  • The aim of keeping this vital part of the Indian Ocean Region safe and secure for

    • Commercial shipping
    • International trade
    • Legitimate marine activities
  • An Indonesian Maritime Patrol Aircraft has also arrived with the Indonesian Naval delegation.
  • The Defence relations between India and Indonesia have been growing steadily with regular joint activities and interactions between the Armed Forces of both the countries.
  • The broad ambit of this strategic partnership, Indonesian Navy and the Indian Navy have been carrying out coordinated patrolling twice a year since 2002
  • The bilateral exercise aims to enhance mutual understanding and inter–operability between the two navies.
  • The bilateral naval exercise also seeks to strengthen existing bonds of friendship between both countries.
  • These naval interactions will provide opportunities for both countries for extensive operational and training engagements.


  • CORPAT is a bilateral maritime exercise held between India and Indonesia under the broad ambit of strategic partnership.
  • Both countries have been carrying out maritime exercise twice a year since 2002.
  • The CORPAT has helped to strengthened understanding and interoperability between the two navies and also has promoted net maritime security in the region.
  • The CORPAT exercise between the two navies carries search and rescue operations, institutes measures for vessels indulged in unlawful activities as well as control pollution.

- Published/Last Modified on: May 17, 2017


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