India, Israel Agree on Two Agreements (Download PDF)

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Israeli President Reuven Rivlin is in India on a six-day official state visit. He is the first Israeli head of state to visit India in nearly 20 years. The last and first Israeli president officially visit India was Ezer Weizman in January 1997.

India and Israel have inked two agreements in the field of water resources management and agriculture. These agreements were signed following the delegation level talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and visiting Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in New Delhi.

Israel President Reuven Rivlin and India PM Narendra Modi

India-Israel Relations

  • Countries enjoy an extensive economic, military, and strategic relationship.
  • India is the largest buyer of Israeli military equipment
  • Israel is the second-largest defense supplier to India after Russia.
  • Military and strategic ties between the two nations extend into intelligence sharing on terrorist groups and joint military training.
  • Nations negotiating an extensive bilateral free trade agreement, focusing on areas such as information technology, biotechnology, and agriculture.

India-Israel Bilateral Trade

  • India՚s major exports to Israel include precious stones and metals, organic chemicals, electronic equipment, plastics, vehicles, Machines, engines, pumps, clothing and textiles, and medical and technical equipment.
  • Israel՚s major exports to India include precious stones and metals, electronic equipment, fertilizers, machines, engines, pumps, medical and technical equipment, organic and inorganic chemicals, salt, sulphur, stone, cement, and plastics.

India-Israel Tourism Relations

  • Around 40,000 Israelis, many of whom have just finished military service, visit India annually.
  • There are dozens of Chabad-operated community centers in India, where many Israelis celebrate holidays and observe religious traditions.
  • Popular destinations for Israelis include Goa, the Himalayas, Old Manali, Vashisht, Naggar, Kasol, the villages surrounding Dharamsala. In many of these areas, Hebrew signs on businesses and public transportation are widely noticeable.
  • A popular destination for Indian tourists traveling to Israel is Jerusalem.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 15, 2016

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