India-Israel Co-Developed LRSAM Missile Successfully Tested

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Long Range Surface - to - Air Missile (LRSAM) was successfully test - fired for the first time from an Israeli Naval Platform which was co - developed by India and Israel. Test: The trial test was carrying out in the presence of Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO) scientists under the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) .

  • All through the test missile has reached to the desired goal by beating the incoming target.

About Long Range Surface - to - Air Missile (LRSAM)

  • LRSAM is also known as Barak 8 missile which means Lightning in Hebrew language in Israel.
  • Barak 8 is an innovative, long - range missile defense and air defense system. Its main features are long range, active radar seeker missile, vertical launch and multiple synchronized engagements.
  • DRDO has developed dual pulse propulsion system for the LRSAM along with other safety arm mechanisms for Solid Propulsion system.
  • Missiles, Weapon Control System, MFSTAR (Radar) , Vertical Launcher unit and two - way data link are covered in the LRSAM programme.
  • Wide variety of air - borne threats such as anti - ship missiles, aircraft, UAVs and drones as well as supersonic cruise missiles is counter by LRSAM.
  • The successful test is symbol of mutual cooperation of the two countries in developing advanced weapon systems.
  • It is also measured as the major milestone which has provided the missile system which compatible with the Ship Borne Tracking Equipment՚s (SBTE) .

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