India Japan Finalize Text of Cybersecurity-Pact

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India Japan Finalize Text of Cybersecurity-Pact

  • India and Japan recently finalized the text of a cybersecurity agreement that will promote cooperation in key areas such as
    • 5G Network
    • Artificial Intelligence
  • The announcement on the agreement followed the 13th India-Japan Foreign Minister՚s Strategic Dialogue.


  • The agreement promotes cooperation in capacity building, research and development, security, and resilience in the areas of
    • Critical Information Infrastructure
    • 5G
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • The announcement is expected to draw the attention of the stakeholders in the Indian 5G sector as it gets ready to open for international operators and especially since there is clarity on possible participation of Chinese technology major in the 5G arena.
  • The Ministers reiterated that the Indo-Pacific region has become more important in the current global circumstances, and reaffirmed similarities in their vision.
  • The Japanese foreign minister highlighted the 50 billion Yen emergency assistance loan and a 1 billion Yen grant of medical support to India that will help India fight COVID-19.

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