India-Japan Partnership in Specified Skilled Worker

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The signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Government of India and Government of Japan has been approved by the Union Cabinet. This is based on a Basic Framework for Partnership w. r. t Proper Operation of the System Pertaining to “Specified Skilled Worker” .

Reforms in Natural Gas Marketing

Overview of MoC

  • An institutional mechanism for partnership and cooperation between India and Japan.
  • Sending and accepting skilled Indian workers.
  • Qualified the required skill and Japanese language test.
  • To work in fourteen specified sectors in Japan.
  • A new status of residence of “Specified Skilled Worker” would be granted by the Government of Japan to these skilled Indian workers.
  • To follow up the implementation of this MOC, a Joint Working Group will be set up.
  • MoC would:
    • Enhance people-to -people contacts.
    • Foster mobility of workers.
    • skilled professionals from India to Japan.


  • Skilled Indian workers from fourteen sectors.
  • Enhanced job opportunities to work in Japan.
  • Nursing care; Building cleaning; Material Processing industry; Industrial machinery manufacturing industry; Electric and electronic information related industry; Construction; Shipbuilding and ship-related industry; Automobile maintenance; Aviation; Lodging; Agriculture; Fisheries; Food and beverages manufacturing industry and Food service industry.

India-Japan Deals and Agreements

  • On January 9,2021 both the countries signed an agreement for a loan of up to 50 billion yen.
    • Implementation of health and medical policy.
    • Concerning the poor and vulnerable.
    • Affected by the Covid-19 crisis.
  • In 2019, India was the 21st largest trading partner for Japan and Japan was the 12th largest trading partner for India.
  • Japan was the 4th largest investor for India in FY 2019.
  • Nuclear Deal was signed in 2016.
  • This deal was a key to India՚s deals with French and US nuclear firms.
  • India agreed to introduce the Shinkansen system (high-speed bullet train of Japan) in 2015.
  • Both the countries had formed Act East Forum for strengthening the collaboration between India and Japan.

5G Tech Agreements

  • An MoU was signed recently between Union Minister of India and Japan՚s Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications.
  • To strengthen ties in the field of Information and Communications.
  • Technologies which work on 5G:
    • Telecom security
    • Submarine optical fibre cable
    • Smart cities

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